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Mola ALI(AS) Quran ke sath | Mustadrak al-Hakim 4628:

(Abu Thabit, the mawla (client) of Abu Dharr said,) “I was with ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhu on the Day (of the Battle) of the Camel. When I saw ‘Aʾishah standing, some of that (doubt) which entered other people (also) entered me. Allah disclosed that for me (i.e. removed from me the reservations I had to fight) at the time of Salat al Zuhr and so I fought alongside Amir al Muʾminin. When he finished, I proceeded to Madinah. I came to Umm Salamah and said, ‘I have come, by Allah, not asking for food or drink; rather, I am the mawla (client) of Abu Dharr.’ She said, ‘Welcome.’ I told her my story and so she said, ‘Where were you when the hearts flew their course (i.e. when the fighting broke out)?’ I said, ‘I was such that Allah disclosed it for me (i.e. removed the reservations I had) at noon (and then I went to fight alongside Amir al Muʾminin).’ She said, ‘Excellent! I heard the Messenger of Allah salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam say: ‘‘Ali is with the Quran and the Quran is with Ali. They will never separate until they meet me at the Hawd (Cistern).’”[Mustadrak al Hakim 4628]

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Mola ALI(AS) Quran ke sath | Mustadrak al-Hakim 4628